About Praxis Offerings

This document gives a high level information about Praxis Offerings. It describes what Praxis Strategy Consulting brings to the table for transformation be it for an Individual or an Organization. Our coaching strategy mainly focuses on leading by Insights for Coaching that Matters to you to impact your business outcome.


Praxis Strategy Consulting offers two types of trainings namely Customized and Certified Trainings. The focus of our trainings is to ensure that while we do deliver what is promised on the course content, which by the way can be customised for custom trainings, will incorporate your business scenarios to be able capitalise and deliver a maximum business outcomes for you or your organization.


Praxis Strategy Consulting understands that while trainings are the foundation for any learning, it’s the workshops that enables to ingrain the value system in our participants. Hence we have designed our workshops on the 3 axes, Execution, Business & Leadership, which we consider are of prime importance for delivering business outcomes to you or your organization. 

Agile Team Consulting Model

We at Praxis Strategy Consulting have come up with an Agile Team Consulting Model for those organizations that are on the fence wanting to try out agile or for those that have already engaged in the journey of Agility but need a refresher course for their teams to impart concepts of Agility in-depth. This a short term activity and the timelines are mentioned here.

Agile Team Coaching Model

For organizations that are on the journey of agility and getting some outcome but are unable to align with business goals, Praxis Strategy Consulting has come up with an offering that helps them achieve their business goals. This is a long term association as we believe in partnering with our customers in their endeavour. We say our success lies in your success and there is no better sales when our customers recommend us.

Agile Centre for Excellence Model

We at Praxis Strategy Consulting always believe that the earlier we become obsolete in our customers journey of Agility, the better it is for our customers to be able to take their journey forward. This gives us the confidence and pride that we have actually delivered and made our customers independent, just like how good teachers takes pride when their students excels better than them! This is a long term collaborative & associative partnership with our customers.